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Who or what is Roland Frisch?

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Roland 1998On this page I want to tell you who and how I am: My Name is Roland Frisch, and now I'm a little over 40 years old.

I live in Bornheim between Cologne and Bonn, which was the capital of Germany some years ago.

On the left you see me in front of a tram (streetcar) at the museum in Nürnberg.

eMail-LogoMy current e-mail adress could be found here.

Who prefers to phone me can call me on my cellphone. The phone number is:
From Germany: 0 171 - 36 246 74
International: +49 171 - 36 246 74

What else do you want to know?

Shoe size: 11½
Size: 1.92 meters, or (if I calculated right) 6 feet, 4 inch
Weight: exactly right
Job: I've learned technical draftsman for mechanical engineering, working at a computer (with AutoCAD). But now I work as a tram driver (urban light train vehicle operator) here at our public transportation in Cologne.

Even if no one cares, my hobbies are:

Kinderbild Roland
My "wild times"
in our Harley Davidson club. :-)

But I have to say that I don't find enough time for some of these hobbies, because of all that computer stuff...

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